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In-depth comic book recaps and reviews released at least once a week. We cover a variey of comics but always stay current with AMAZING SPIDER-MAN and BATMAN. This podcast is great if you read comics and are looking for rich discussions to accompany them. The podcast is also great for non-readers as we make sure our recaps are detailed and easy for you to follow along!

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Ep. 8 - Amazing Spider-Man #4 and #5 (2018) Review, Netflix movie rumors, Legend of Zelda movie

    What is morality? What would happen if Gil were zapped by the Isotope Genome Accelerator? What is a hero (according to Adam)? Learn the answer to all these questions and more as Gil and Adam review the last two issues in the ‘Back to Basics’ story arc of Amazing Spider-Man! These issues ...



    Just in time for Halloween, Gil has called forth some ghosts and ghouls to help us celebrate! Join this creepy crew as they perform tales from old school horror comics and compete for the right to walk among the living once more with a game of trivia! For the full experience, ...


  3. Ep. 6 - Spider-Geddon #2 (2018) Review, Bane in Gotham, Army of Darkness meets Bubba Ho-Tep

    Adam has abandoned Gil once again but fear not! Gil has recorded a solo episode to take us through Spider-Geddon - Issue 2 released October 24, 2018 (written by Christos Gage with art by Jorge Molina). [3:45] News - Bane in “Gotham” and Army of Darkness meets Bubba Ho-Tep! [12:57] Spider-Verse Recap ...


  4. Mini Ep. 2 - Lucifer #1 (2018) Review

    It's almost time for Halloween! Gil was once again on the road (this time in Washington, DC) but had to review DC Vertigo's **Lucifer #1 (2018)** to help us get in the Halloween spirit. This complex story is dark, funny, intriguing, and a worthy continuation of the story which began ...


  5. Ep. 5 - Batman #55 - 57: Beasts of Burden (2018) Review, Iron Fist and Luke Cage Cancellations, Pennyworth TV Series Announcements

    Should we kill the Joker? Is Nightwing secretly a Peter Parker clone? Why is Dick Grayson now named Ric? Gil and Adam address all these questions and more as they delve into the recently concluded Batman story arc Beasts of Burden! This comprises issues 55 - 57, written by Tom King. They also ...