Ep. 2 - Amazing Spider-man #2 (2018) Review, Venom Movie Hype

Episode 2 October 08, 2018 00:41:53
Ep. 2 - Amazing Spider-man #2 (2018) Review,  Venom Movie Hype
Gil Reads Comics
Ep. 2 - Amazing Spider-man #2 (2018) Review, Venom Movie Hype

Oct 08 2018 | 00:41:53


Show Notes

Gil and Adam discuss the second issue of Nick Spencer and Ryan Ottley's recently launched run on Amazing Spider-man! They also discuss their thoughts on the imminent release of the new Venom film (movie talk starts at 34:43). Have any feedback, questions, or suggestions? Is there a particular comic book, move, or TV show you'd like us to discuss? Or, maybe you just want to say hello. Drop us an email! [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) Twitter [@GilReadsComics](https://twitter.com/gilreadscomics)

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